Becks Grove
4286 Oswego Road
Blossvale, NY 13308
Phone: 315-336-7038

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Beck's Grove was established on the banks of Fish Creek in the middle of a huge group of towering pines during the Depression and Prohibition days of the 1930s by Louie Beck. There were no paved highways to Beck's Grove at that time, but it soon became a favorite for clambakes and summer outings for the many factories and mills in the area. Clambakes started early in the morning with breakfast and lasted into the evening with plenty of food and lots of clams, all for two dollars per person (clams were half-a-penny apiece then). Slot machines, home brew, and moonshine (although illegal at that time) were in plentiful supply and good times were had by all.
Dinner theater with the Chatham Theater Company started at Beck's Grove in 1985. Today, several hundred motorcoaches from New York State and throughout the Northeast make their way to Beck's Grove every year.

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