Stanley Theater
259 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13501
phone 315.724.4000
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  The Stanley Performing Arts Center opened September 10, 1928 and has been the premier showplace for Central New York ever since.
Thomas Lamb, a prolific theater architect, designed this 2,945 seat movie palace for the Mastbaum chain of theaters. The theater was named for Stanley, one of the Mastbaum brothers.

The design of the theater is dubbed "Mexican baroque" because of its unique blend of styles. The terra cotta and tiled mosaic exterior shows the Mexican influence, while Hapsburg lions, Indian faces, and a multitude of angels and putti (cherubs) grace the lavish baroque "gold leaf" interior of the theater. The Moorish influence is apparent in the star-splashed ceiling and the twisted columns on each side of the stage. There is even an art-deco look to some of the drapery treatments in the organ lofts.

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